Getting Your Money’s Worth While Saving


The Cost-Effectiveness of Veneer Stone

When it pertains to adding value to your home, you want to maximize its appeal as much as possible. For some, this can be a very expensive business venture, but it makes the risk worth it in the end.

One sure-fire way to increase your home’s value while saving on the cost of your expenses is to consider installing veneer stone on the interior or exterior of your house.

According to Remolding Magazine, manufactured veneer stone ranks as the “#1 bang-for-your-buck!” Veneers promote a high return on investment. Upgrading the look of your home can always add value, so why not give it a try?

Check out Appleridge Stone to see their stone patterns and accessories.

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Transform an Outdoor Space


Summer is a great season for outdoor lounging and entertaining. Take the time to turn your dull outdoor space into a beautiful one.

Choose from one of Appleridge Stone’s beautiful patterns: cobblestone, fieldstone, flagstone, castlestone, dryfit castle, riverstone, ridgestone, ledgestone, textured ledgestone, ridgestone drystack, or make your own pattern. Select from a wide array of colors buff, gray, appleblend, autumnblend, orchard, apple blossom, Applewood, black forest, ginger gold, apple cider, cranapple, dark gray, or a mason blend of colors.

Appleridge Stone can upgrade outdoor fireplaces, grills, house exteriors, fencing, and more. To wow your guests this summer visit Appleridge Stone today.

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Fireplace Upgrades


Fireplaces often take up a large part of your living space and they can either make it or break it. Turn your eyesore fireplace into a beautiful focal point with stone veneers.

Originally thought only for exteriors, natural elements are being introduced more and more within home interiors. Appleridge Stone proudly supplies FireRock fireplaces made with a wooden mantel, veneer, stucco, or other desired finish.

They are not only durable and safe but will last for a long period of time, with a 20 year warranty. Get an elegant fireplace without the complicated installation and expensive price tag. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles and get your consultation from Appleridge Stone by calling 724.459.9511 today.

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Choosing A Stone Color for Your Home


When selecting your home color scheme, there are some “design rules” to take into consideration. When picking your base colors, you want to choose from the same palette, whether they be neutrals or pastels. Typically, picking from the same paint swatch, just a few shades different is a fool-proof way to establish a good foundation. If your stone piece is going to be large, perhaps picking a lighter wash or more neutral color will make it fit into your home better. If your stone will be more of an accent, you can step out of the box with a color that has a little more pop to draw they eye! Take a look at our different stones to see which one meets your home’s needs!

Residents of Pennsylvania can look to Appleridge Stone for their home stone needs.

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Pros of Pressure Washing Your Stone Exterior


Proper care of your outdoor stone is a necessity for every home owner; especially considering how large of a financial investment installing high-quality stone is. Treating your stone is not a task you need to worry about more than about once a year, depending on your climate. In order to provide a deep and effective cleaning, you should consider pressure washing the exterior of your home to blast away those layers of grime. Hand scrubbing your home is an enormous task that, to be honest, is a huge waste of time. Brush bristles are just not strong enough or always angled correctly for optimal dirt removal and climbing up and down a ladder for the entire weekend is completely time-consuming. Renting a power washer for your home is the quickest (and most effective!) way to cleanse your home of the residue of harsh weather conditions. Pressure washers are usually available for daily rental at local and corporate hardware stores!

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Popular Home Accents of Spring 2016


Elegant and Cost Effective Veneer

As spring 2016 approaches, the time for rejuvenating your home exterior is here. The addition of stone or brick accents has become a popular way to add warmth and a natural flair to an already existing structure.

An even more popular and cost effective way to achieve this look is to utilize stone/brick veneers. With the ever so realistic patterns available, the options are endless to create the perfect look and feel desired.

With indoor and outdoor stone and brick veneer options, Appleridge Stone has you covered as you welcome spring into you home. For more information or to speak with a representative please call 724-459-5823.

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Maintaining an Authentic Feel

apple ridge fireplace

Remodeling Your Cabin

When one thinks of a log cabin they immediately think of a structure made entirely of wood and rock. They are not far off but over time cabins can go from charming to looking extremely dated. Owners may hesitate to remodel for fear of losing that authentic feel.

At Appleridge Stone, we will replace or add stone to your cabin that will work seamlessly with your space. Our stone designs work to integrate themselves into the structure to give it a natural look. For more information about our design and services, visit our site.

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